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Why are we alive

Love waves transpose Time and Space

Web design is a force of Nature, a big thing like a Blackhole.

Blackhole, blackhole, yes, that important element that seems delivers Natural Chaos to the Universe we “know”. When I think in a life inverted on create things with my work, I want live the sense of Nature in everything will be THERE FOREVER. Interstellar Spaceship Endurance escaped from Blackhole with parabollc gravitiy maneuvre, so why don’t follow the example in real life.

What to say? it’s lot of things to do, not only one or this color things, but Lot.
Why be absorbed by the Blackhole’s Mass? Why be thinking always inside a Same concepts or styles? this is where I feel we all of us we sometimes need be “detached” from everything but continue the mission, the mission that make me inside and outside the Creative Blackhole.

Then, as a transmitted under dimensions’s message, I will use the Love to do the things I will do, across time and space. That seems worked well until today so it should be the way.

Lot of things to do

Yes, it’s love, love that traverse the dimensions, the light, the darkness, the time and the space. Because LOVE, what we all creatures of Life have inside, what make the cellular life exist, the reproduction of the species made them stay in the time, passing generations.

As this SWANS song title, message “Love will save you” from the infinite darkness of our existential origins.

Oh yes it will do, this is sure.

Love will save you
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